A really BIG fish (bfish) wrote,
A really BIG fish

Ну вот и лето, пора путешествовать

Travel Map
I've been to 79 cities in 9 countries
Egypt: Al Uqsur
Egypt: Cairo
Egypt: Dandarah
Georgia: Gagra
India: Agra
India: Aurangabad
India: Cannanore
India: Ellora
India: Kozhikode
India: Mumbai
India: New Delhi
Holy See (Vatican City): Vatican City
Italy: Bologna
Italy: Capri
Italy: Florence
Italy: Napoli
Italy: Pisa
Italy: Pompei
Italy: Rimini
Italy: Rome
Italy: Sorrento
Italy: Venice
Russia: Adler
Russia: Barnaul
Russia: Biysk
Russia: Chekhov
Russia: Chemal
Russia: Domodedovo
Russia: Kazan'
Russia: Klin
Russia: Moscow
Russia: Naro-Fominsk
Russia: Obninsk
Russia: Protvino
Russia: Pushchino
Russia: Pushkino
Russia: Saratov
Russia: Sochi
Russia: Tver'
Russia: Yaroslavl'
Russia: Yoshkar-Ola
Ukraine: Alupka
Ukraine: Bakhchysaray
Ukraine: Balaklava
Ukraine: Feodosiya
Ukraine: Foros
Ukraine: Sevastopol'
Ukraine: Simeiz
Ukraine: Simferopol'
Ukraine: Sudak
Ukraine: Yalta
United Kingdom: Bangor
United Kingdom: Beaumaris
United Kingdom: Betws-y-Coed
United Kingdom: Caernarfon
United Kingdom: Conwy
United Kingdom: Corwen
United Kingdom: Greenwich
United Kingdom: Harlech
United Kingdom: Llandudno
United Kingdom: London
United Kingdom: Oxford
United Kingdom: Winchester
Middle East
Israel: Hefa
Israel: Jerusalem
Israel: Massada
Israel: Nazerat
Israel: Netanya
Israel: Tel Aviv
Israel: Teverya

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